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Highland Park Chronicles

Salvage Her

Book 3


Harrison and Brooklyn rely on their devotion in the playroom to navigate the crazy world outside the playroom. 

She disobeyed me because she didn't feel safe.
That was my fault. My job was to protect her.
Her ex wants her back, but she belongs to me and I'll fight for what's mine.

My job was to trust him. He knows what I can handle. When my ex returns, he has doubt.
I belong to him and I'll fight to make sure he knows it.

As a Dom and sub, Harrison and Brooklyn know their place, but how do they hold on to that connection when real life and their past threaten to pull them apart?


Pick up Salvage Her and enjoy this scorching romance today!

Educate Him

Book 2


Young, but not so innocent, maybe she can teach an old professor some new tricks. 



I've always looked out for her, but she didn't know it.

She came back into my life and made me want what I shouldn't have.

Once she learns the truth, it will show her so much, but will she forgive me.



When everyone else in my life let me down, he made sense to me.

I returned with a plan in mind, but one night with him and plans changed.

The professor can teach me because I'm ready to learn.


Davis and Julia can't deny their attraction despite the secrets of their past. Will it bring them closer together or reveal how forbidden their love is and tear them further apart? 


Educate Him is an unconventional second chance romance with BDSM elements by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle. If you enjoy a sassy, confident young woman, a smooth talking sexy professor, and a connection that reminds you why you love romance, you'll love Sydney Aaliyah Michelle's latest stand-alone HEA romance. 


Pick up Educate Him and learn about Davis and Julia's scorching romance today!

Salvage Him

Book 1


Anger and lies can lead to destruction, but passion and control can lead to love.

I met my soul mate, but she's married to someone else. 
Every fiber of my being screams she belongs to me.
He saved her, but he doesn't deserve her. 
If I'm being honest, neither do I. 

I didn't know I was settling until he showed me what I was missing. 
He promised to maintain control, but I pushed him and he destroyed us both.
Now I know what I need, but am I what he wants.

Harrison's anger and Brooklyn's lies push them both toward destruction. Can passion and control SALVAGE their love?

Salvage Him is a passionate romance with BDSM elements by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle. If you like a strong alpha male, scorching sex scenes and a connection that makes your heart and body quiver, then you'll love Sydney Aaliyah Michelle's latest stand alone HEA romance. 
Pick up Salvage Him and read how Harrison and Brooklyn find each other today!

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