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The Fan Series


Fantastical love in the real world.

Callie and Noah met by happenstance, fell in love by fate, and married by circumstance. What happens next could solidify their connection, but outside sources threaten to pull them apart? But you can’t mess with destiny.

The Fan Series Box Set includes Your Biggest Fan, Your Loyal Fan, & Your Fan Forever. And, as a gift to you, the never before released, Your Super Fan. 

Callie's fan fiction blog becomes real life when the object of her obsession moves in next door. 

Noah Patrick, NFL bad boy, has sworn off women. They only seem to want him for his fame and his money. 

Callie James, a fan fiction blogger, is Noah's biggest fan. So much so that she named her chihuahua after the man of her dreams. 

When they find themselves hiding out in the same Brooklyn brownstone, a late season blizzard, a never-ending supply of spaghetti, and a dog with identity issues brings them together.

However, Noah and Callie both have secrets that may tear them apart.


Callie and Noah’s reality is steeped in relationship bliss, but their loyalties are tested when the celebrity wedding of the century transports them right smack dab into fantasy land. 

Callie Blake, retired fan fiction blogger, has put her now debunked fantasy blog on the back burner to concentrate on real life with the man of her dreams and her little dog who’s embraced his new name.

Noah Patrick, reformed NFL bad boy, has dedicated himself to getting back to his former glory on the field and off the field, becoming the man of Callie’s dreams.

When they find themselves thrust back into celebrity reality, with famous people, cameras, and the type of drama you’d only find on prime time network television, Noah’s concerned with how the environment will affect Callie and their relationship. However, the so called famous life has brought up Noah’s old demons, a side he is sure will drive Callie away forever.

Noah Patrick, NFL superstar, has his life back in order and the love of his life said yes. What more could he ask for?

Callie Blake, a sports lifestyle blogger, is newly engaged, but marriage, kids, and happily ever after with the famous love of her life, is it really how she sees her future?

On a weeklong trip to Aspen, Noah and Callie hope the isolation will bring them closer together. Distracted by famous friends, doggie style sibling rivalry and the world offering their opinion on their future, the mountain retreat is pushing them further apart. 


Book no.1
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