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Up to Snow Good Excerpt

Up to Snow Good


Sydney Aaliyah Michelle

Publication Date: December 7, 2019

PreOrder at .99 cents available now.

Chapter One


The warmth from first light cut through the frigid air and warmed my face. A glimpse of her mocha skin as the sun hits it warmed my heart.

I watch her. It’s my job. Since I knew of her existence ten years ago.

All arms and legs and frizzy curls framed her face. She smiled with whimsical euphoria when she was happy. She pouted with a melancholy cloud over her when she was sad.

Today, she was content. Content was her favorite emotion. It allowed her to live in the present and forced me to do the same.

She was no longer awkward and skinny.

She filled out in all the right places and acquired an awareness of how her body worked.

A strategic hand placed on the curve of her hip turned men into babbling idiots. A tilt of her head as her fingertips brushed the curve of her tits brought strong men to their knees.

I wasn’t immune to her charms.

When I looked at her, the past and the future didn’t exist.

It was the here and now, and it was perfect. Exactly where we both wanted to be.

When I say watching her was my job, I mean a self-imposed responsibility I accepted years ago.

Over the last week, watching her was my job official. I was sent by her father to keep an eye on her while she tested his boundaries. She flexed his control over her, but it was an illusion.

She’d done it before. Begged her father for more independence, more freedom. He acquiesced and allowed her to go away to college. Make no mistake, Robert McCoy was in control. Whether she knew it or now, a detail was on her at all times.

She had perfected the art of illusion and pretended her life was her own. She lived in a fantasy world of denial and I, on an occasion, burst the denial button if for no other reason than to see the fiery passion she kept bottled up inside.

I wasn’t sure why I did it. Crushed the lies she told herself. Maybe I enjoyed causing her pain. I was a sadistic fuck.

That’s not true.

I knew why I did it. I relished in her pain because deep down, in the part of my heart I ignore, it secretly wants to someday be her only source of joy.

She sat on the porch of the small cabin in the valley of the Whistler Mountains. She draped blankets around her. Heat lamps overhead offered her enough warmth to sit for hours.

She held her a mug with both hands, sipped and watched.

Every morning since she arrived a week ago. She spent her morning on the porch. Some days she’d read a book. Other days she’d type away on her phone or iPad. It was only for a couple of hours and then she’d go inside and make herself breakfast. I watched through the large picture window on the left side of the house.

She drank a second cup of coffee and ate scrambled eggs and bacon. The smell would waft out of the stove vent and across the valley and hit me in the gut.

One morning she baked a banana bread. I could taste it in the air.

I wouldn’t put it past her if she did it on purpose. She knew I was here. I knew she knew I was here, lurking in the shadows.

She tried to tempt me, lure me into her presence. It’s how it’s always been between us.

I wanted her but couldn’t pursue her.

She wanted me, too.

She made it clear on more than one occasion.

My rejection failed to dissuade her. It spurred her on.

Six months ago, she had me trapped in her father’s study on her twenty-first birthday and I gave in for twelve minutes.

That’s all it was, twelve minutes of hope for both of us. Twelve minutes of giving in to what we both wanted. Twelve minutes to confirm what we felt for each other was real, and magical, passionate, raw, and right.

I relived those twelve minutes at least once per day. I could conjure up the feeling of her lips against mine. The give in the fleshy part of her hips. The grip of her nails as she clung to my sides. I caressed her face. Skin never felt so soft. I gripped her face and tilted it to the perfect angle. She resisted at first.

I deepened the kiss and she relented. A moan escaped her lips, and I tasted it on my tongue. It made me smile and made my dick hard.

Twelve minutes of pouring myself into her. For twelve minutes she opened up to me complete.

I studied her face. The satisfied glint in her eye and the knowing smirk. I read her emotions in her face and the thoughts running through her head.

We concocted a plan. The future looked bright.

I returned to my post, lurking in the shadows. I resigned to the fact we had crossed a line and with smug satisfaction, I didn’t care.

We couldn’t go back.

I couldn’t erase her full soft lips, her wet tongue, her passionate tension as she pressed up against me. It was etched into my memory.

The stolen glances the rest of the night took on a new meaning. As the night wore on, she flirted openly. I stared at her boldly and when she took off in her new truck I picked out at her father’s request, she blew me a kiss. I barely restrained myself from reaching out and grabbing it in midair. I had no intention of wasting the attention showered on me by my ‘little princess’.

I claimed her.

She was mine.

We both knew it.

And, in a few hours, it all changed. My bliss bubble burst and forced me to burst hers as well and dragged us back to reality kicking and screaming.

A gust of wind swept through the valley and brought me back to the present.

Amari wandered away from the kitchen into the house. I headed back to the shed several yards from the cabin.

Obscured by a hill, it was shielded from direct wind and free from weather, blocking the communication to the outside world. The shed was a glorified storage room, constructed in reinforced steel and into the side of a small mountain. I stomping the snow off my boots descend the steps.

I pushed a code into a hidden keypad, and the heat blasted out as the door released.

I pushed past the door, welcomed the heat. The door sealed behind me.

The dim lights rose to full brightness. I walked down the small hallway and into the main area. It was a room, about five hundred square feet and comfortable if not cozy. I pulled off my coat, scarf and gloves and draped them over one of four chairs around a small square table. It sat adjacent to the kitchenette. I turned on the stove and heated up some water in the teakettle.

As the water warmed, I crossed to the room and tapped a few keys on a keyboard sitting on the desk. Three monitors mounted on the wall woke up. They displayed different angles the cabin and the surrounding area.

“Hello, Mari.” I tapped the screen and zoomed in on her face. Her lips moved. I tapped another key and her voice filled the room.

“It’s fine. I like the cold and I needed some time alone.”

She pulled a loose piece of yarn from the afghan draped across her legs.

With a few more keystrokes, I could hack into her phone and hear the whole conversation, but I didn’t have to.

“I wish I had a tree though.” Her beautiful lips pouted. “It’s just not Christmas without a tree.” Her voice trailed off.

An ache developed in my heart.

“But, it’s for the best.” A smile spread across her lips and her face lit up as she giggled.

The ache turned into a jolt of electricity and joy. I loved seeing her happy.

Making Amari happy was my goal at the moment.

Who was I kidding—making her happy was my goal for life.

Pre edited excerpt.

Grab Up to Snow Good and the other Very Alpha Christmas Books, set to release in December 2019.

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